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The displacement of El Paso’s History has been a long drawn out topic of conversation for many decades. For all of its best intentions, the City of El Paso, has long struggled with an inclusion problem. The acute growth of inequality in El Paso’s Downtown, makes this problem even more pressing. According to urbanist Richard Florida, “the clustering of talent, business, & economic capability in large dense, knowledge-based places… carves deep divisions into our towns & society.” Adding to this, current available data dashboards, web based tools & mobile apps are typically built by relatively homogenous teams of developers for audiences that tend to share similar, relatively affluent demographic characteristics. Historic El Paso was created to assist in alleviating current inclusion problem(s) & gentrification within the True Pass to the North.

Historic El Paso’s majestic roots & beautiful buildings are based off of the Mexican-American Revolution. Please take a personal tour of the rich culture & history Historic El Paso, Texas has to offer.

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Please use Historic El Paso Mobile App, while you take a ride through time, in Historic El Paso’s Streetcar-Trolley revitalization.